The mission of the Santa Rosa Shores Homeowners, INC of Santa Rosa County Florida is to facilitate community inclusiveness, sustainability, awareness, investment, and involvement to promote a safe, vibrant neighborhood. We are a volunteer association striving to make our neighborhood a better place to live, with membership being open to all Santa Rosa Shores residents.

As an association, our goals are to:

  • Maintain all entries to our community and our Parks -Organize and Provide for neighborhood events to promote the social welfare of our community.
  • Create awareness of city operations, community organizations and events and potential developments and changes in the neighborhood, including the waterways.
  • Offer an opportunity for neighbors to bring forth their concerns and problems, providing direction and connecting them to resources for further investigation of their issues

The strength of our community is we stand together to support one another! We look forward to working with YOU to make Santa Rosa Shores the Best it can be!

The strength of our community is that we stand together to support one another! We look forward to working with YOU!

Your donations help maintain Swenson Park, Summer Fun Fest, Christmas at the Fire Station and more. Donate online!

Your privacy is important. This notice explains our online information practices and the way your information is collected and used.

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